Birth Class 11 Summary | Birth Summary Class 11

Birth Class 11 Summary | Birth Summary Class 11

 Introduction: Birth Class 11

The story 'Birth' is taken from "The Citadel". It is written by A. J. Cronin. The story revolves around a medical student named Andrew Manson who has just started his medical practice. The story tells us about the dedication and hard work of a doctor and how he throws all his effort into saving the mother and giving a new life to the lifeless born baby.

About the Author: A.J Cronin

A.J Cronin whose full name is Archibald Joseph Cronin. He was born on 19th July 1896 in Cardos, Dumbartonshire, Scotland. He died at the age of 84 on  6th January 1981 in Montreux, Switz. He studied at the University Of Glasgow. He was also a physician and worked as a surgeon in World War I in Royal Navy.  He was working in his medical field in London but he could not continue that because of his bad health.  Then he entered in his writing world. He has written his first novel Hatter's Castle which received instant great success. His famous books and movie include The Citadel, The Key Of The Kingdom, The Star Looks Down, Citadel, A Thing Of Beauty, etc.

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Birth Class 11 Summary | Birth Summary Class 11 

Andrew had a rough conversation with his girlfriend. With a very heavy mind, he was returning to his home, when he found Joe Morgan waiting for him, at the door. Joe's wife was about to give birth to a child, this happened almost after twenty years of marriage. They had an emergency, hence Joe was waiting for the doctor.

Andrew forgot about his problem, he took the bag and followed him.

Mrs. Morgan's mother and midwife were looking after the patient. Andrew saw the situation and understood that they had some time. But there he could not even take a short nap. The old lady made tea for him.

After an hour, he again rechecked the patient, but the situation was the same, hence he came down. Joe Morgan was continuously walking here and there. Andrew started remembering some couples with unhealthy relationships; like a guy named Bramwell who loves his girl so much he just cheated on her meanly.

Suddenly the old lady called him. Now it was the time for the birth. The lady didn't want the chloroform as it may harm the baby, but Andrew said that it will not do any harm. Andrew started his work. After almost an hour she gave birth to a lifeless child. Andrew was shocked, he should look after the lifeless body of the child or the mother who was also in a very critical position. He gave the child to the maid and check Susan, she had fainted and was even losing her pulse. Andrew immediately gave some injections to her. After a few minutes, she was fine.

Now Andrew looked for the baby, the child under the bed rolled in newspaper. As the midwife had kept the body there. Andrew quickly took him up, the baby seemed to have a perfect body structure, but now it had turned pale. The limbs became almost boneless. Andrew was totally confused while holding the baby. suddenly he shouted give me some hot and some cold water with basins. The nurse thought that this is just madness. Within a few moments, he had two basins of water, one hot and another cold. Now he started dipping the child first in hot water and then in cold water. He was continuously doing it for almost fifteen minutes. He was shivering and sweating but now also the baby was lifeless. The midwife said to leave it as he came into the world without the life, now nothing can happen.

But Andrew ignored her, and continuously he was dipping the child in the water and then rubbing his back with the rough towel. At last, he started pressing the soft chest of the baby. Suddenly he heard him breathing. There was no end to his joy, the lifeless body again came to life. It was a miracle for everyone. He gave the child to the nurse and started his way home. It was a great feeling for him as he had done a great job.

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