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The Road Not Taken Class 9 Summary

Introduction: 'The Road Not taken' Class 9

'The Road Not taken' poem of class 9 in Beehive's book is written by Robert Frost. In this article, you will get a detailed summary of 'The Road Not taken'. This article will help you to understand this chapter 'The Road not taken'  very easily and quickly.  

About Author: 'The Road not taken' Class 9 

Robert Frost: Robert Frost was a great American poet. He was born on 26th March 1874 in San Francisco and died on 29th January 1963 at the age of 88. Most of his poem has a great reflection of rural life.  He has written most of the poems about the life of ordinary people. His all-time famous poem include "The Road Not Taken", "Mending Wall", "Birches", and many more. He is also known for winning 4 Pulitzer awards for his poetry.

Theme: 'The Road not taken"

'The Road not taken" Poem of class 9 is a very beautiful poem. This poem is about the taking of right decision in life. In our life, we going to face lots of situations in which we have to choose the path from the 2 or more choices which can build or destroy our futures. It all depends upon which path we will select.  So in this poem, you will get to know how poet Robert Frost was confused about taking the right path for his life which can build his future. Or he will regret in future for his wrong decision.  
The main theme of the poem 'The Road not taken" is making correct decisions in life.

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The Road Not Taken Class 9 | The Road Not Taken Summary Class 9 | The Road Not Taken poem Summary

'The Road Not taken' Summary

The poem 'The Road not taken' expressed how to make decisions in life that framed your future. In this poem, the poet was standing at a diverging road and he was thinking that which path is he going to take. He looks towards one road up to a point and he saw lots of people were going through this road. And he started to think logically and after a few minutes, he suddenly decided to take another road because he think that no one had been gone that way that's why he was very excited to know where this path leads. 

He started to go with that path and he thinks that maybe he might come back another day and again he might change his path. But somewhere he knows that the path he selected leads him to a new world and very likely he won't be back. Similarly, in real life, many options are available at one time but a person has to select the best one which can make his future success. Because only a person's future can disclose whether the decision taken was wrong or right. Because after getting the results of our decision we can't unhook them we can only regret them. So making an accurate choice and taking proper decisions is very tough for a person. So any inaccurate decision or choice can disfigure our life. Through this poem, Robert Frost wants to convey these comic messages to the person of this world to make their future decision better and incredible. 

In this poem, a person may become confused if he/she has been getting success in the future to some extent which has been enough for them. But the same individual who started with them only but choose another path that he/ she decided to take but refused with another one then after getting that much success also then they were regretted. It may confuse the readers also that then "what is the success for an individual was decided by whom? "

Now, what's the solution for this. Then the answer to this question is also given in this poem that its decision is totally on the individual but you can take help from the path by seeing that on which path the maximum crowd of people was going. Nowadays maximum was decided to take the wrong path only. So an individual can select the path that was less taken by people.

Conclusion: The Road Not Taken Class 9

In this poem "The road not Taken", we learn that we should always think twice and thrice before taking the big decision of our life. Otherwise, we will definitely regret in our Future and can not return back to that point to take another path.  And if we have already taken the decision in past then, we should not regret and think about creating and saving the future.

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