Deep water Class 12 Summary | Deep Water Flamingo Class 12 Summary

"Deep Water" Class 12 Summary | "Deep Water"  Flamingo Class 12 Summary

Introduction: Deep Water Class 12 

"Deep Water" is a chapter in the Flamingo Book of Class 12. "Deep Water" is written by William Douglas. This is a real incident in the life of the author. In this article, you will get all information about the chapter "Deep Water"  like About the author, the theme of the chapter, and the summary of the chapter "Deep Water". Let's understand this chapter...

About Author: Deep Water Class 12

Deep Water is a very motivational real-life story written by William Douglas. William Douglas resident of  Minnesota was born in 1898 and took his last breath in 1980. He got graduated in English and Economics. In his early life, he became a teacher of high school. Afterward, he jumped into the legal profession. He worked as the president's legal advisor. At the age of seventy-seven, he got retired. He wrote some great books and one of those is "Of Men and Mountains" and the story 'Deep Water is taken from it.

Theme of the story: Deep Water

"Deep Water" by William Douglas is a very interesting and motivational story. This story "Deep Water" gives us the lesson of consistency, & perseverance. It teaches us that you can overcome any of your fear or weakness just by focusing and working on them. One can excel even working on it. One can excel even in the field of weakness. In this story, the writer tells us about two childhood incidents that gave him a lifetime fear of water. But afterward, the writer tries to learn swimming and succeeds in it. He even challenges his fear and at last his determination wins.

The story "Deep Water" written and narrated by William O. Douglas gives us a very important lesson. It starts like this.

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 Deep water Class 12 Summary | Deep Water  Flamingo Class 12 Summary

"Deep water" Class 12 Summary

The writer remembers that when he was too young almost three or four, his father took him to a beach for surfing. And there he fell down with a wave and he was totally down in the water. He was out of breath. His father laughed but it was the day since when he got that tremendous fear of water.

When the writer was ten or eleven years old, he decided to learn to swim. There was a river in Yakima which was very dangerous. His parents never allowed him to go in the water of the Yakima River. Hence, he decided to go to a pool of Yakima which he thought was the perfect place for him. It was almost 9 feet deep on the other side. The writer was so lean and thin in his childhood and was ashamed of going in the pool almost naked. But anyhow he managed it.

He tried to swim in the YCMA swimming pool after gathering some confidence. He wore water wings and tried to be familiar with water. However, it was good for two to three days.

One day he went to the pool, but no one was there, so he sat on the side, waiting for others. A timid boy of almost eighteen came in with a very beautiful muscular body. After watching the author being a skinny boy he tried to bully him. And then he just lift him up and threw him into the deep side of the pool. The author went straight down, he drank a lot of water on the way down. His lungs were filled with water. It was like the end day for him. 

When he reached the ground, he tried to jump out with his full strength. He thought that he will come up like a spring, but in reality, he was coming up very slow.

He came up and faded on the surface.  He was again going down but he was planning that again he will try to come upward with his full strength. But his all attempt was failed. After some time he opened his eyes. He was lying on the side and was almost filled with water. People around there helped him to take him to the locker room. After a few hours he walked home and never went to the pool.

After a few years, he was again interested in swimming, but that fear was still paralyzing him several times he thought to swim, but could not manage to gather the confidence. So he decided to have a swim instructor.

After that, he practices for three months in the presence of an instructor. He started with a belt tied in the waist and rope attached to it. And then with his hard work and perseverance, he learned all the strokes and skills. He also practiced holding his breath in the water. And then he was fully skilled in swimming.

But he still had a doubt that water terror may return someday. So one day he went to lake Wentworth, and then swam for almost two miles. He did all the swimming techniques. For a little while, he was frightened but however, he managed to beat his fear.

Thus the author told that we can defeat all our fear with our hard work and perseverance.

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