the voice of the rain class 11 summary | Summary of the poem the voice of the rain

The Voice of the Rain Class 11 Summary | Summary of the poem the Voice of the Rain

Introduction: "The Voice of The Rain"

"The Voice of The Rain" is a poem from the Class-11 English book Hornbill. The poem "The Voice of The Rain" is written by the great writer 'Walt Whitman'. In this article, you will get a detailed summary of the chapter "The Voice of The Rain". It may help you to understand the chapter "The Voice of The Rain" in a very easy way.

About the Author: "The Voice of The Rain" Class 11

The poem "The Voice of The Rain" is written by poet Walt Whitman. He was born on May 31, 1819, in west hills New York United States. Walt Whitman's first poem was published in 1855 with his own money and this is also a most famous collection i.e, "Leaves of Grass".This was an aim to stick out to the common person. He kept adding to the " Leaves of Grass" right up until he died of Pneumonia, in 1892. However, it was controversial because readers thought it was pornographic. It included some sexuality. Walt Whitman was deeply affected by deism. He cuddle every religion equally because he refused that any one faith was more important than another. He belongs to America and he was not only a poet but also he was an essayist and a journalist. He was a very important American poet of the 19th century. Altruism, he was a part of change between optimist and realism, assimilating both views in his work. Walt Whitman was the most authoritative poet in the American tenet, also called the father of free verse. The poem "The Voice of The Rain" By Walt Whitman shows the conversation between the poet and the rain itself. The poem shows the cyclic movement of rain on the Earth. The rain is expressed to narrate herself. She narrates herself by saying what she is and what favor she drizzles on Earth and man.

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the voice of the rain class 11 summary | summary of the poem the voice of the rain

Theme of the poem: The Voice Of The Rain Class 9

In the poem "The Voice of Rain" his poet Walt Whitman shows his elevated interest. The importance of rain for the Earth is shown in this poem. Poet signifies the power of rain in it by saying that no one can touch the rain when it starts rising. It appears that it will touch the sky but it arrives back to the earth and gives new life to earth as well as to her objects. But in reality, it will give life to its own origin i.e, to the earth, and wash and decorate her. The poet Walt Whitman contrasts the rain with music because just like music rain starts without its caring that anyone may listen to it. Rain just like music return back to its origin after completing her duty.

Summary of The poem The Voice of the Rain

"The Voice of The Rain"marks the endless character that rain takes part in nourishing, filtering, extinguishing, and looking after the distinct elements of Mother Earth.

The poet remembers his discussion with the plummeting rain. In this poem Walt Whitman question the rain that "And who art thou? "then the rain respond by pursuit herself the poet of the Earth. Again rain then goes on to narrate how it rises from the shore and then hangs up above heaven, where it in due course changes its form and becomes clouds. Again and again, it drops down to the Earth cyclically reviving the dry patches of land and permitting the seeds to grow into a pretty tree. Walt Whitman observes the similarities between the rain and the music. He observed that the rain and the music share many alike characteristics. According to his observation, he thinks that the rain and the music take birth from the heart of the Earth and after achieving its deed return to its soul. He tells that the music of rain is the song of the Earth alone.

This poem celebrates the rain and its role that brace the abundant beings on the Earth. In this, rain replied to the poet that she is the poem of the Earth. According to the poet, it is a peculiar (unusual, different or strange) thing for the rain. According to the rain, she doesn't care if anyone bothers about her action or not, she finished her work and comes back home. The poet also contras the rain with the music as they both share a common trip. The rain arises from the heart of the songster, proceeds over the aim, and comes back with due love for the originator.

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