Evans tries an O-level Summary | Evans tries an O-Level Class 12 Summary | Evans tries an o level class 12

Evans tries an O-level Summary | Evans tries an O-Level Class 12 Summary

Introduction:- Evans tries an O-level

"Evans tries an O-level" story of class 12 "Vistas" book is written by Colin Dexter. This story is about a prisoner who used to escape from prison. In this story "Evans tries an O-level" we will know how he escaped from prison by using the opportunity during learning. Let's start this chapter.

Evans tries an O-level Summary | Evans tries an O-Level Class 12 Summary | Evans tries an o level class 12
Evans tries an O-level Summary | Evans tries an O-Level Class 12 Summary | Evans tries an o level class 12

Evans tries an O-level: Summary

The story "Evans tries an O-level" is about a prisoner boy named 'Evans'. He had a great art of escaping from the prison. He had escaped thrice times from the prison. That's why he had got a very unique name 'Evans the Break' by the prison officers. Hence, he was kept in Oxford prison under the supervision of the Governor.

Evans had requested O-level German classes. Past few months he became very calm and didn't try any misbehavior. Hence the governor granted his request for German classes. He got a few months of classes and then he asked to sit for an O-level German exam.

Governor saw that Evans is really co-operating well with all of them. Hence again he granted his request and allowed him to write the exam. He tried to do all the necessary preparation for this special exam. A churchman named 'McLeery' was called for the invigilation purpose. Two officers were also appointed for regular supervision. Governor didn't want to take any risk this time.

As per safety regulations all the sharp things were taken out of Evan's cell, and a telephone line was set there to continuously hear what was going on. Even the invigilator was checked. They found an unusual tube filled with some liquid material. On asking about it, he told that he had piles and this tube helps him in sitting properly.

Everything was good to go, the exam started normally. Evans tried to show that he was not comfortable writing exams in the presence of those two officers, hence they moved from there.

The exam was going well, the telephone in the Governor's office rang. The call was from the examination department for some corrections in the question paper. The telephone line was connected to Evan's cell. They dictated some corrections to the Evans. Governor wasn't getting anything. The call ended, and the exam again started. After some time, the governor again got a call. He took the call, on the other side it was a magistrate who was asking for some officers and a prison van.

It seemed very unusual to the Governor. So he asked officers to recheck the Evans cell. Officers found that Evans was under a blanket, it was suspicious but they thought that it was cold there hence they ignored it.

Everything went well. The exam came to an end. The officer guided the McLeery to the gate. Then he came to see the cell and found that McLeery was lying on the ground with lots of blood on his clothes. Now officer understood that Evans had injured McLeery and escaped the prison by getting the look of McLeery.

Governor tried to collect some information from him and got to know that the correction call was from another source and he gave instructions to Evans about how to leave the prison. He told that there were few coded messages. After that McLeery was sent to hospital and Governor tried to decode the message. And he found that the message contained the place where Evans had to reach and it was Newbury.

After that governor called for McLeery, but he got the news that he ran away. Actually, he was a man of Evans, and the real McLeery was found in his house. He was roughly tied. Governor understood the whole scenario. Then he came to know that even that German tutor was a man of Evans. Governor got totally frustrated with his defeat. But now anyhow he has to catch Evans from Newbury.

Now Evans was totally free. He went to Hotel Golden Lion and was celebrating his victory. But he was shocked to see Governor was in his room. He tried to run but Governor warned him that the whole hotel was surrounded by his men. There was no chance to escape. Governor handcuffed him and ordered him to sit in the van.

Governor was now happy and satisfied that finally, he caught him again. In the van, officers removed their handcuffs on Evans and drove the van very fast so that no one could reach them.

Actually, the officers in the van were also men of Evans. And again Evans was free and ready to fly.

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