The Tiger King class 12 summary | The Tiger king summary | Summary of The The Tiger King

The Tiger King class 12 summary | The Tiger King Summary 

Introduction: The Tiger King Class 12 summary

"The Tiger King" is a story written by Kalki whose real name was Ramaswami Aiyer Krishnamurti. The story revolves around the Maharaja of Pratibandapuram 'Sir Jung Bahadur'.The story has a very unique ending.

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Summary: The Tiger King Class 12

When the king was born, astrologers predicted that he will become a great warrior, but one day he will die. After hearing it, that ten-day-old newborn baby spoke out. He told that each and every person in this world has to die. If you are really capable then tell us how he will die.

Everyone there was shocked to see a ten-day-old boy speaking in such a way. Astrologer after wondering for some time told that a tiger would be the reason for his death.

After that, no other miracle happened in the life of the child Jung bahadur. He grew old, and at the age of twenty, he was crowned. Till then everyone remembered the words of the astrologer. Now, he thought that he would start killing tigers. He killed the first tiger in his forest and then showed it to the astrologer. The astrologer said that you have to kill a total of hundred tigers. But you must be very careful with the last one. King said that he will surely kill a hundred tigers. The astrologer was so confident, that he said if the king would be able to kill all the hundred tigers then he will cut his tuff.

After that, tiger hunting was banned for the countryman in the whole dynasty except for the Maharaja. And the scary game started. He killed one tiger after the other.

Someday, a British officer came there, he desired tiger hunting, but the Maharaja disagreed. Because of this, he was about to lose his throne. So he called for jewelers and ordered to send fifty diamond rings to that officer's lady. He thought that she will keep one or two rings and return the others. But she sends only a thank-you note. And now his throne was safe. He wasted three lakh rupees of the kingdom just for his shake.

He continued to hunt the tigers. After ten years, not a single tiger was left in the forests of Pratibandapuran. So he thought to marry a princess of that state where the tiger population was high.

The king found the girl and married her. Every time he visited there, he killed five or six tigers. Finally, ninety-nine tigers were killed. But the last tiger was still alive. He searched for it, but not a single tiger was traceable. Finally, someone told that there is a tiger on the hillside. Maharaja started finding it. Days went by, but he was not able to find it. King got frustrated and told to dewan double the land tax, and if he can't find the tiger dewan will have to resign.

Dewan was so confused, about what to do. At last, he remembered about the tiger in the people's park. He brought that old tiger anyhow to the place where Maharaja was staying. The next day that old tiger came in front of the king. King was fulfilled with joy. He aimed the gun and fired it. The tiger fell down. Maharaja happily went off after ordering to bring that dead tiger to his capital.

When the hunters went to see the tiger, they found that the king's aim had missed and the tiger fainted because of the firing sound. They were totally confused about what to do. At last, they took the aim and killed the tiger. The tiger was taken to the capital, its tomb was erected.

A few days later, King went to find some gifts for his son's birthday. He was not getting any suitable gift for him. At last, he saw a wooden tiger and bought it. That wooden tiger was made by a new worker and it was not finished smoothly. It had a rough surface. While playing with his son. A small sliver of wood pierced in his hand, and he pulled it out. But the very next day, it became a sore. Day by day it was getting worse. Surgeons were called but they couldn't save the king.

That was the strange way of the death of The Tiger King.

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