Should Wizard Hit Mommy Class 12 Summary | Should Wizard Hit Mommy Summary | Should Wizard Hit Mommy class 12

Should Wizard Hit Mommy Class 12 Summary | Should Wizard Hit Mommy Summary 

Introduction: Should Wizard Hit Mommy?

The story "Should wizard hit Mommy?" in Class 12 Vistas Book is written by John Updike. The story "Should Wizard Hit Mommy?" will tell you how a father taught a great lesson to his daughter by the unexpected ending of his story. In this article you will get a detailed summary of this chapter "Should Wizard Hit Mommy?" and help you to understand this chapter easily. Let's start this chapter...

About The Author- John Updike (Should Wizard Hit Mommy)

John Updike was born on 18th March 1932 in Reading, Pennsylvania.  He was a famous American Writer.  He was the son of Wesley Russell Updike. He died on 27th January at 76 due to lung cancer.

He has written more than 50 books.  His famous story includes Marry Me, Problems and other stories, Seventy Poem, Couples, and many more. He had also received many awards for his books and poetry.

Should Wizard Hit Mommy Class 12 Summary | Should Wizard Hit Mommy Summary | Should Wizard Hit Mommy class 12
Should Wizard Hit Mommy Class 12 Summary | Should Wizard Hit Mommy Summary | Should Wizard Hit Mommy class 12

Summary of "Should Wizard Hit Mommy"

For the last two years, Jack used to tell a story to his daughter "Jo" in the evening and for the Saturday nap. He started telling her story when she was of 2 years. He would immediately make up a new fantasy story with slight variations from his old one.

His every story had the character with the same name "Roger", sometimes Roger Fish, or Roger Squirrel, or Roger Chipmunk. In his story, every time Roger has a problem and he goes to an old owl for the solution. And that old owl suggests he should go to the wizard for his help. And he follows the same route and the wizard do some magic spell and fix his problem. And in the return Wizard ask for some pennies as payment. And Roger becomes happy and returns home.

This was Saturday, and Jo was not falling asleep. So Jack started telling her a new story. Jack started his story with a new character of the same name "Roger". This time it was "Roger Skunk", a different creature. In this story, Roger Skunk was having a problem that he smelled very bad. Due to the unpleasant smells of his body, no one plays with him. Whenever he goes to play, everybody left the ground. He was frustrated with his bad smell. He went to the old owl for the solution. But as usual, the old owl suggested him to go to the wizard. He went the same path and met a wizard. He told his problem to the wizard and asked to change his unpleasant smell to Rose's smell. Then the wizard did some magic spells with a magic stick and changed his smell like Rose. Wizard asked for 7 pennies as payment from Roger Skunk. But he had only four pennies. Then wizard helped him to get three pennies. After that, he became happy and went to play with his friends. In the evening, he went home, then his mother asked him what it smelled like roses. Then he told her about the smell of his body. But his mother's reaction was unexpected, she was not happy with his changes. He told her about his friend's reaction to his old unpleasant smell, but his Mommy was not at all agree with his new smell. Both of them again went to the wizard. When his mommy met the wizard, she hit the wizard on his head and asked him to change his smell to the old one. Then the wizard said "Okay" and did the same. Then Roger Skunk's Mommy became happy. 

And then Jack's story ended with a surprising ending. But Jo didn't like the unexpected ending. She was not happy with Mommy"s behavior. She asked her dad to change the ending that the wizard hit back to the Mommy on her head and didn't change the smell to the old one. But Jack told her that it was a perfect ending and was not ready to change the ending. Jack told her that, Roger Skunk also accepted his Mommy's decision because he loved his Mommy more than anything else. 

In his story, Jack tried to teach Jo that we should always love our appearance however it is. 


We should always be happy with our physical appearance and never make fun of others for their physical appearance.

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