The last Leaf Summary | The Last Leaf class 9 Summary

The Last Leaf class 9 Summary

Introduction: The Last Leaf class 9

"The Last Leaf" is a story of Class-9 I English Book Moment. It is written by 'O Henry'. In this article, you will get a detailed summary of the chapter "The Last Leaf". It will help you to understand this chapter "The Last Leaf" Class 9 very easily and quickly. Let's start this.

About Author: The Last Leaf class 9

The story "The Last Leaf" of class 9 is written by O. Henry. The Real name of the O. Henry is "William Sydney Porter". He was born on September 11, 1862, and died on June 5, 1910, His most of the story has a unique and twisted ending. It makes his story more popular. Most of the stories written by him are inspired by the everyday life of the common people. His best of the famous stories contains "The Gift of Magi", "Mammon and the Archer", "Memories of a Yellow Dog", "The Duplicity of Hargraves", etc.

The theme of "The Last Leaf" Class 9

The Last Leaf is a story of two friends in which one was ill. She was not ready to recover from the illness. This story shows how her friend and an old man named Behrman help her secretly to recover from her sickness. This story is a complete package of the value of friendship, sacrifice, and Hope. The central theme of this story is Friendship. Sacrifice and Hope is also the main theme of the story.

The last Leaf Summary | The Last Leaf class 9 Summary
The last Leaf Summary | The Last Leaf class 9 Summary

Summary of "The Last Leaf" Class 9

The Last Leaf is a story of two young artists named Sue and Johnsy. Both of them were very close friends and they used to live together on the third floor of an old home.

It was the time of November when Johnsy was infected by a disease named "Pneumonia" and became very ill. She was not able to move on her bed. The doctor used to come for her treatment but her condition was not improving and becoming very worse day by day. One day doctor told Sue that Jhonsy does not want to recover from her sickness and get well. And She is waiting for her death. Due to her negative thinking, she is not able to recover from her disease. If she will continue this, then medicine can also not save her. After listening about Jhonsy from the doctor, Sue tried very hard to make her happy. She started talking about painting, her favorite activities or hobbies like fashion designing, etc but it doesn't create any effect on the Jhonsy.
After some time, suddenly Sue heard some whispering sound of counting like Twelve, Eleven...Nine. She came to Johnsy's bedroom. She saw that Jhonsy was counting. She asked Jhonsy about that. On this, Jhonsy pointed towards the Old Ivy Creeper which was just outside of the window. There were only a few leaves attached to that plant. With great confidence, Jhonsy told Sue that she will die when the last leaf of that Ivy Creeper will fall from it. She also said that she had only three days left of her life because there were only a few leaves left on the plant. Sue tried to convince Jhonsy that the falling of leaves of that plant does not have any relation with the survival of her life. But Jhonsy was not able to understand.
After that, Sue went to meet an old man Behrman. Behrman used to live on the Ground floor of the same building and had a dream to draw a masterpiece painting before his death. Sue told him all about the Jhonsy and her belief about the falling of the last leaf.

The next day when the Jhonsy woke up, she saw that only one leaf was left on that plant. It was Very icy cold weather and heavily raining outside. She thought that the leaf will fall at any moment. But after some time she gets tired of waiting for the falling of the last leaf. But that leaf didn't fall. Then she gets to realize that it is a bad manner and a sin to think about death and lose the fight. She can still survive the disease as the last leaf survived in the bad storm and heavy rainfall. Now she wanted to survive the disease and get well. The next day after the checkup, the doctor told them that now Jhonsy will survive and soon she will be perfectly fit. Then he told that he is going to meet Behrman as he is infected by pneumonia for the last two days and had little chance of his survival.

The next day Sue came to Jhonsy's bed and told her that Mr. Behrman is no more. As he died from pneumonia because he was out in the stormy night and get wet due to rain. After this, Sue told Johnny that the Last leaf on that plant does not fall because that was not an actual Leaf. The original last leaf was already fallen. It was the masterpiece painting of Behrman who painted it in the stormy and rainy night to save her life. And it was Behrman's sacrifice that saved Jhonsy's life.

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