The Rattrap Class 12 Summary | The Rattrap class 12 NCERT Story Summary

The Rattrap Class 12 Summary 

 Introduction: The Rattrap class 12 

The Rattrap - Class 12 Flamingo Chapter Four is a story written by Selma Lagerlof. This article will help you to understand this chapter "The Rattrap" very easily and quickly. It contains a detailed summary of "The Rattrap" It also Contains "About Author" & "Theme" of the chapter "The Rattrap ". 

About Author: The Rattrap class 12 

The story "The Rattrap " is written by Selma Lagerlõf. (1858-1940). She was born in Swedish and was the first woman to win the Noble Prize in Literature and was the first from her country to win this award. She was also a great teacher in her early life. She mostly writes her story on themes like the Goodness of a human being, love, or behavior that help the person to understand and love the world. 

The theme of  The Rattrap class 12 

The story "The Rattrap " tells about a poor man who sells Rattrap and also begs and theft to feed his body. The story says that "World is a Rattrap" where people get trapped. This story also indicates the theme consequence of misbehavior, theft, and bad behavior. It also moves around loneliness.

The Rattrap Class 12 Summary | The Rattrap class 12
The Rattrap Class 12 Summary | The Rattrap class 12 

Summary of  "The Rattrap " class 12 

"The Rattrap " story is about a Rattrap seller. He was very poor. He used to sell Rattrap for his livelihood but earning from it was not enough to meet his need. So he was also begging or doing theft for his survival or improvised livelihood. One day he had a thought in his mind that the World is also a Rattrap that attracts people by offering or providing comfort in life as a trait and the end it leads to big trouble or a great hardship in their life.

As The Rattrap seller was very poor, he was homeless and used to live anywhere or wherever he gets the shelter for rest. One evening he went to a cottage and requested to the old man for the shelter over a night. The old man was happy to see him and welcomed him Very happily because he had a person with whom he can talk and get rid of his loneliness. The old man was a cofter in the Ramsjo Ironwork mill. Cofter told him that if he had only his Cow which supports him in his old age. Cofter also showed him Thirty Kronor kept in the leather pouch which he earned from selling his Cow's milk. In the morning, both of them went out from the cottage and Cofter locked the door and kept its key in his pocket. Rattrap seller was going to another place for shelter and cofter for milking his cow. But after half an hour Rattrap seller secretary returned and went to the window and pull off the pouch by putting his hand inside the window. He has stolen all the Thirty Kronor and kept that pouch again at its place. He moved to the nearest forest. 

He was feeling pride for his smartness after keeping the money in his pocket. But after some time forest was filled with darkness and he cannot find the direction to move on. And soon he realized that he is trapped in this forest. Then he started feeling sorry for stealing the money. He got tired and felt that it is the last moment of his life. He led in the ground. But then he heard the sound of the hammer thumping. He followed it and reached the Ramsjo Ironwork mill. It was a large plant with a smelter, rolling mill. He asked the blacksmith for permission to the shelter over a night but he did not respond. 

Ramsjo Ironwork was owned by a prominent ironmaster who used to come at night and morning to examine the work of the workers. Ironmaster met the Rattrap seller sleeping near the furnace. But the ironmaster thought that he is Captain Von Stahle who resigned from his job some time ago and started treating him like the same. Rattrap seller did not tell him that he is not Captain Von Stahle because he thought that this may help him. Ironmaster offered the shelter but he refused all his offers because he had the fear of being caught for his theft. Ironmaster left from there. But after half an hour his daughter Eda Willmansson came with a fur jacket and requested him to join their house and promised him that he will be safe in his house. He accepted her offer and joined their house. The next morning when the Ironmaster saw him in the light, he was shocked and was confirmed that the man is not his friend Captain Von Stahle. He was very angry but his daughter requested him to invite him for Christmas Eve. Then, Ironmaster agreed with his daughter and requested him to stay for Christmas Eve which was tonight. Rattrap seller enjoyed Christmas Eve but at the same time, he was feeling sorry for stealing the money from that old man.

The next morning, when the Ironmaster and his daughter went to church and there they get to know about the theft of thirty Kronor from the old Crofter, then they realized that they offered shelter to a thief in their house. They thought that he had probably stolen all the things from his house. But when they reached the house, they get to know that he had not done anything like that. He had left a Rattrap as a gift for Eda Willmansson for having big faith in him. Thirty Kronor wax was kept inside that Rattrap and there was a letter in which he thanked Eda and requested her to return that money to the Cofter. And at the last, the letter was signed by the name of Captain Von Stahle.

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